There exists lack of system to detect and monitor forest cover change including forest carbon storage.  This will eventually lead to failure in forest management plan development and implementation in meeting the project milestone and objectives. The information on forest and carbon are crucial; data on social and biodiversity are also important in determining the extent of the project’s impact to prove to the government and stakeholders regarding the effectiveness of the REDD+ implementation on the ground and its contribution to the national development. 

is working with carbon development, Wildlife Work Carbon (WWC) to develop a system in tracking the changes and the impact of the project implementations and to meet the requirements of Verra and CCB.

1. Perform monitoring requirement as required by Verra and CCB
2. Conduct forest plot inventory and satellite image analysis of carbon stock;
3. Conduct social and biodiversity appraisals; and
4. Support carbon monitoring, project registration, validation, project emission reduction marketing, and verification.

With technical support from Wildlife Work Carbon, developed a system guided by Verra and CCB to regular monitor impacts on forest carbon, climate social and biodiversity from Tumring REDD+ implementation.