The general objective of the survey is to identify key endangered large and small mammal species and provide strategic immediately and regularly monitoring recommendations for the species conservation and development for sustainable uses.

The specific objectives of the survey are:
• Identification of key (large and small) mammal species occurred in the survey sites;
• Propose key species for regular monitoring and approaches of monitoring.

There are 64 species of large and small mammals found presented in the study areas. Eight (08) species of them are Endangered (EN), 12 Vulnerable (VU), 35 local concern (LC), 1 Data deficient (DD), 1 Critical Endangered (CR), 3 Near Threatened (NT), and 4 other are non-classified or not evaluated.. They are needed immediate protection from responsible agencies before they are too late to preserve. The supports from the REDD+ project have been dragging the situation before it already gotten worst; the survey team very much acknowledges for that. However, habitat loss and heavy hunting pressures on the surveyed species are utmost concerns for species protection and their future survivals.

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