To enforce Forest Law and conserve the remaining forests, the Project Management Unit (PMU) coordinated forest patrols in the Project site from October to December 2020. The Field Implementation Unit (FIU) members have been collaborating with local FA officers to patrol forests in the Project site. In total, 30 patrols were conducted from October to December 2020. As a result, 03 illegally cleared land parcels were taken back by FIU, while 12 chainsaws, 01 motor bike and 164 poles, 02 long knives and 3.34 cubic meter of logged wood were confiscated. Also, 01 charcoal kiln has been demolished in October. In November, 04 chainsaws and 6.124 m3 of sawn wood, a tractor 03 trailers, 01 motor bike and an area of encroached forestland were seized. In December, the law enforcement team impounded 08 chainsaws, 02 areas of illegal land parcel, a tractor, a motor bike, a trailer and 0.324 cubic meter of sawn wood. Regarding community forestry patrol teams, 14 Community Forests (CFs) have their own patrolling teams, and those teams have regularly conducted forest-patrolling activities inside their designated CF areas. In the 4nd quarter of 2020, CF patrolling teams conducted 96 patrols, with 522 participants, of whom 19 were women.