There is lack of awareness and understanding on the benefit of forest conservation of local community, limited capacity of CFMCF to manage their CF sustainably, and limited access information about forestry and forest associated development project.  All these lead to the local communities’ over extraction of resources, clearing new forest plots, and inducing significant forest clearing and logging.

is working with partners, local authorities, and communities to encourage and engage those people to involve in REDD+ activities.

1. Provide ongoing awareness-raising activities to the public regarding forest conservation and its benefits; and
2. Build capacity of community groups, community forest management committees, and stakeholders.

Since 2015, we have been conducting awareness-raising activities and campaigns, and 1,220 community members were able to participate.  We have been conducting seminar-workshops on REDD, sustainable forest management, and forest law enforcement.  In line with this, 400 Community Forestry Management Committees and local authorities were able to attend to obtain knowledge and develop skills on these matters.