Forest offenders abound in the area, and they conduct illegal logging and land encroachment. Additionally, forest perpetrators have unlawfully cleared forest lands which impact the local community and project areas. To respond to incidents like these, the project, in collaboration with local authority, is trying to curb these issues. As a result, a number of timbers, chainsaws, and tractors have been confiscated.

is working with partners, local authorities, and communities to patrol in the remaining forest resources in order to protect them.

1. Conduct regular Forest Law enforcement activities;
2. Conduct regular Forest Law enforcement information dissemination, data collection, monitoring, and reporting; and
3. Provide legal assistance to the Law Enforcement Team to address issues on filing forest criminal cases to the court.

As of the 3rd quarter of 2020, our Field Implementation Unit (FIU) have conducted illegal forest land clearing and logging.  We confiscated 302 illegal chainsaws, 66 hand-held tractors, and 53 motors used by illegal offenders.  In addition, we conducted awareness-raising seminars and sustainable forest management skills trainings to 365 Community Forestry Management Committees and community members. Our FIU and 14 Community Forestry received equipment, financial and technical support to effectively enforce the Forest Law on the ground.