The Project supported rice and cassava demonstration plots to CF members to help them increase their agricultural yields. The purpose of this assistance is to encourage communities to not depend entirely on natural forests to support their livelihoods. Once their agricultural yields are increased, those CF members could reduce their dependence on the forests. The Project provided a new rice and cassava varieties for demonstration to 5 households and 3 households, respectively within 3 different CFs, including O’ Kranhak, Prey Tatey and Kbal Don Tey CFs. As a results, Mr. Seung Sopheak planted 0.5 hectares of cassava seedlings, supported by the Project. Those given cassava seedlings are more productive than domestic varieties. Mr. Seung Sopheak could produce 9 tons in 0.5 hectare, which is equivalent to USD 780. Another example is Mr. Sor Yam who applied to an area of ​​30 acres using drum seeder technique, provided by the Project. He produced 1,250 kg, compared to about 700 kg of normal rice varieties. He could earn about USD 280 from his rice yield.